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RPM - data de instalação do pacote e do sistema

Segue abaixo comando RPM para saber a data de instalação dos pacotes, organizando inicialmente da mais atual.

[oracle@dbserver1 ~]$ rpm -qa --last
compat-db-4.2.52-5.1 Wed 03 Mar 2010 10:42:26 AM BRT
NetworkManager-gnome-0.7.0-9.el5_4 Thu 25 Feb 2010 03:18:20 PM BRT
NetworkManager-0.7.0-9.el5_4 Thu 25 Feb 2010 03:18:20 PM BRT

O comando abaixo mostra a data de instalação do seu Linux, neste caso é um RedHat:

[oracle@dbserver1 ~]$ rpm -qi basesystem
Name : basesystem Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : 8.0 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release : 5.1.1 Build Date: Wed 12 Jul 2006 04:08:04 AM BRT
Install Date: Thu 25 Feb 2010 11:55:20 AM BRT Build Host: ls20-bc2-14.build.redhat.com
Group : System Environment/Base Source RPM: basesystem-8.0-5.1.1.src.rpm
Size : 0 License: public domain
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Thu 18 Jan 2007 01:33:57 PM BRST, Key ID 5326810137017186
Packager : Red Hat, Inc.
Summary : The skeleton package which defines a simple Red Hat Linux system.
Description :
Basesystem defines the components of a basic Red Hat Linux system (for
example, the package installation order to use during bootstrapping).
Basesystem should be the first package installed on a system, and it
should never be removed.
[oracle@dbserver1 ~]$

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